Spinach Rice

I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to get my kids to eat veggies. I think they could live off carbs. They do love fruit and things they can pick out of the garden to eat, but getting them to eat a veggie dish that the family enjoys can be tough.

Spinach is an easy to grow green that come on early and fast! If you do not hurry and pick it your whole spinach crop can go to seed in a matter of 2 weeks. The bonus of this is we eat what we can fresh, freeze a bunch, then pull the plants and start again with a new batch of spinach.

This recipe works great with fresh or frozen spinach and the customization are endless. If you like you could use different grains in place of the rice. I LOVE feta but if you do not then try blue cheese, or mozzarella! Even the littles liked this rice, only one rejected it, he does not like rice to start with tho.

Spinach Rice


~ 2 Cups Chopped Fresh Spinach (1 cup frozen, drained)

~ ½ Sweet Onion

~ 2 Cups Rice (or Grain desired)

~ 4 Cups Water

~ 3 Tbs Olive Oil

~ Zest from One Lemon

~ 8oz Feta Cheese


Directions: Heat oil in Dutch oven or large pot. Chop onion in to small pieces and sauté in olive oil until translucent and tender.

Add chopped spinach and allow to wilt down.

Once all spinach bright green and soft add rice and water.

If using a different grain be sure to adjust the water to accommodate your grain choice. Cover pot and bring to a boil. Once boil is reached reduce heat to keep a low simmer and allow to cook about 20 min until all water is absorbed and rice is tender. Fluff rice with fork and stir in lemon zest and feta cheese.

Serve immediately.

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