Homemade Orange & Honey Body Scrub

Winter is finally starting to wind down. I have tulips and daffodils starting to poke out of the dirt. It will be a bit before I get to enjoy the first blooms however. In the mean time I can start getting myself ready for Capri’s and sandals! This means some serious attention to my skin.

Winter in Michigan is typically dry! I lotion up and nothing seems to help the dry, dry skin of winter. That is until I came up with this amazing exfoliating scrub! This not only removes all the dead yucky stuff but leave healthy, soft skin behind!

I like to use this about 3 times a week at first then slow down to once a week. I have found it gentle enough for all over but also strong enough for my hands and feet. I even mix it with a squirt of my face wash for a good exfoliating wash!

The heavenly smell of the Orange Essential oil is 100% the boost to get my mood ready for spring! This makes a wonderful gift… Mother’s day is not too far off!


All Natural Orange & Honey Body Scrub


~ 2 Cup White Sugar

~ ½ Cup Oil (avocado, jojoba, olive…)

~ ¼ Cup Raw Honey

~ Zest from 1 Orange

~ Orange Essential Oil (Optional)


Directions: Mix sugar, oil, and honey.

Blend well. Mixture should be slightly crumbly.

Add zest and essential oil mix well.

Store in airtight container until ready to use.

To Use: Smooth over wet skin and rub well. Rinse with warm water. No need to use soap after. The oil and honey will moisturize the skin and leave it soft and silky. No sticky residue!

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