Home Ground Turkey

Ground turkey is a very popular meat. With all the low calorie recipes out there and people aiming to cut out red meats turkey what is growing in popularity. Since we raise a few turkeys every year any way we thought we would give the ground turkey a try. It was way worth it!

Even if you don’t raise turkeys this is super easy to do and keep your costs on meat low. Every year turkeys go on a crazy sale around Thanksgiving. Just purchase a few extra and make your own ground turkey. A package of store bought ground turkey can be $4.99 a pound or more. A whole turkey on sale can be as low as $0.29 a pound!

We use ground turkey in everything from meatballs to tacos. The only place I really miss beef is in a burger! Even my meatloaf is a blend of Turkey, beef and pork! MMmmmm….

Home Ground Turkey



~Fresh Turkey cut in strips

~Meat grinder (Hand crank or electric)

~Freezer Paper or Vacuum Sealer


Directions: Cut turkey in strips about 1-1.5 inches wide. Place in freezer to freeze slightly. About 2 hours.

Feed strips in to grinder while still slightly frozen. This keeps a better texture on the grind of the meat.


Wrap in portions friendly for your family and freeze.


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