Handmade Tutu and Headband

I love newborn photos!!! Actually I just love photos! When we had baby #2 I was sooooooo excited for tutus and headbands, as well as frills and lace. I searched Etsy and Amazon for the “Perfect” set. Have you ever priced those things? My goodness, The ones I wanted were so rediculous in price! I thought, I have to be able to figure this out… Well, sure enough, I did.

I love the fact that doing these tutus myself I can choose the colors as well as the length and fullness. For #2 I make them REALLY full since she is bigger, for #4 I wanted them a bit less full so she could lay down in them.

I think the total I spent on these was around $10.00 each. That is all materials for both headband AND tutu! Sure beats those online prices! If you really want to you can use the rolls of tulle, that will drive the price up. It saves time not cutting it in strips, but not worth 3-4 times more in price to me.

This style tutu is easy to customize for any size! Just follow the same directions with longer tulle and longer elastic.


Handmade Tutu and Headband


~Tule (I used about 4 yards)

~Elastic Band

~Decorative Ribbon

~Flower or Bow





Remove clips, pins, or bands from back side of bow or flower.


Measure decorative ribbon for the desired size.

I add a bit of elastic so that my headband will fit varied sizes.


Secure bow/flower to ribbon with hot glue.

Cover glue with fabric scrap to protect baby’s head.


Tulle should be 2 times the length you want your tutu. Measure from waist to feet for this style tutu. Fold tulle so that you can cut in to strips.

Cut tulle strips 1.5-2 inches wide.

Measure and cut to length. Once all tulle is cut, measure elastic band for waist.

Sew ends together to make a circle of elastic.

Stretch elastic around an object to hold it, luggage handles and chair backs work great.

Tie tulle around elastic in following way.


Fold tulle in half, place the folded end behind the elastic band and pull free ends thru loop of fold. Pull tight to secure to elastic band.

Repeat process with all tulle or until tutu is as full as desired. Trim any ends that are too long.


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