Dried Berries

I am so excited for berry season! The strawberry plants are slowly growing and I am seeing green leaves starting to pop out on the blueberry and black berry plants. I am one of the berry pickers that tends to put more in my mouth then in my bucket. Somehow we still manage to get enough for all our needs!

Dehydrated berries lats forever in dry storage. I put them in mason jars and oven seal the lids. When there are no fresh berries we snack on dried. They work great in smoothies, cookies and yogurt or oatmeal. If raisins work in a recipe try dried berries for a new twist!


Dried Berries


~Dehydrator (oven works too)

~Parchment Paper

~Fresh or Frozen (thawed) Berries


Directions: If using a food dehydrator cut parchment paper to fit your trays.


If using an oven, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Place berries on the parchment. You want to avoid touching berries. This allows for air flow around the berries.


Place trays on dehydrator and rotate trays about every 4 hours. If using an oven turn oven to lowest temp and place cookie sheets on center rack. Be sure to keep door to oven cracked to vent the steam. Allow berries to dry to desired texture.


With my dehydrator “raisin like” is about 6-8 hours, “chip like” is 12-14 hours. Store in airtight container. “chip texture” last much longer for long term storage.

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