Bright Beginnings

Welcome to Kids and a Blog, Just Add Dirt!!! My hope and goal with this blog is to show people how we live a fairly simple “Homestead” style life in a small suburban community. We try to grow and preserve as much of our veggies and fruit as we can as well as we raise and harvest most of our own meat. We are not “preppers”, all of our kids are in public school, and all of our men work full time professional jobs. We are simply a family.

I wanted to start this blog because everything we have done on our family farm has been self researched and taught. There are not a lot of resources for small, simple, family farming. Many of the sources I have found are large scale homestead or prepping sites. I honestly don’t have enough time for all that. I just want to share what knowledge we have gathered and show families that you can easily eat fresh and provide for your family while working and living in a suburban area.

As a mom of 3 kids and one more on the way my days are hectic and chaotic but I would not change it for the world. We could have Mac and Cheese out of the box for dinner or a chicken we grew and processed who knows. As well as who knows if the kids will eat either one…  We are just living and having a blast doing it!

Hopefully you enjoy our adventures, recipes, and all the other fun stuff!


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