Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are so much fun!!! We love coloring tons and tons of eggs! We even use our brown and green eggs to come up with some awesome egg colors. I love getting my kids involved in fun kitchen activities, they love to help. Yes, they love dipping eggs in the bright food coloring dyes and coming up with fun combinations. But they also LOVE choosing fruit and veggies to make our own colors with.

Letting my kids explore the grocery store produce section provides a fun science experiment for them. My daughter looks for anything and everything pink and purple… My oldest son always wants his favorite fruits to color his eggs. It is a fun trial and error activity and is amazingly less expensive then you would think!

I let the kids fill the pots with their choices. Its easy to tear up cabbage in place of cutting it, berry smashing is TONS of fun! Let every one get their hands dirty and enjoy a fun natural way to color your eggs!

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs


~ Eggs (All Colors Work)

~ Variety of Bright Colored Veggies

~Red Cabbage

~Onion Skins (Yellow and Red)


~Carrot Tops

~ Berries


~ Variety of Bright Colored Herbs/Seasonings







Directions: Chop all veggies finely and place in a pot with as many eggs as desired. Use one pot per veggie or seasoning.


Cover with just enough water to cover veggie as well as eggs. Place on stove and boil like normal.

Once eggs are cooked remove eggs and strain liquid in to a container. Place eggs back in liquid. Allow eggs to sit in colored liquid overnight or longer in the refrigerator.

Once color is achieved remove eggs and rinse. Polish with cooking oil for a shiny finish!

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